STM "Vkusno"
"Vkusno" - it means "Yummy" or "Tasty". Rebranding and packaging for private label products STM of the retail network "MAN".

"Vkusno" - own products from a chain retailer from Volgograd. Our task was to develop naming, fresh corporate identity and system of packaging.


The system included a set of patterns and rules from which it was possible to build a few about 100 SKUs.​​​​​​​

To identify our products, we have developed a whole package of icons displaying the composition and features of the product.

Color differentiation allows
swipe the product composition.
We created over 20 templates 
for POS materials for all occasions.
Перед началом работы мы просим клиентов ответить на несколько вопросов о своем бизнесе, это поможет нам лучше подготовиться к первой встрече

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