Refreshing of the logo and company guidebook. Brutal industrial style with a consistent dose of asceticism. Photography.
The Company was established in June 1944 in the city of Grozny to restore the oil refining, petrochemical, oil and gas industry facilities destroyed by the war.Now NZM is the largest construction company in Russia, both in terms of the number of employees and the volume of work performed. The company's portfolio includes projects with such giants as: Gazprom, Lukoi, Rosneft, Tatneft, Total and others.
The main task was: to refresh the corporate identity, maintaining continuity and develop a system of rules of use. The result was a brutal industrial style with a slight share of asceticism, reflecting the company's philosophy. We also took photographs and received authentic content reflecting the real atmosphere of Russian production, which subsequently formed the basis for the creation of the brandbook.
Перед началом работы мы просим клиентов ответить на несколько вопросов о своем бизнесе, это поможет нам лучше подготовиться к первой встрече

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