"LUME" desserts
Brand identity for healthy and functional desserts with natural ingredients. 
Functional desserts with natural composition. They are free of sugar, gluten and refined oils, and are based on berries, vegetables and fruits. The name of the company "LUME" comes from the English word "plume" - pen, which means lightness, airiness. The mission of the company is to take care of the health and good mood of people.
The philosophy of the brand was the starting point for us in developing the name and visual identity. Any desire to enjoy desserts now has no prohibitions, because desserts LUME are made of natural products. Now the pleasure is not guilty!)
The main color of the company is berry. It does not go into a bright pink and resembles more natural colors of products: raspberries, strawberries, beets. It is an accent color, filling the space by 1/3 in relation to white. Lighting in the interior plays a special role: warm shades of light give comfort, making white creamy, and cold shades illuminate the showcase, better reflecting the natural color of desserts.
Each design element is light, airy and functional. Much attention is paid to the air in the interior: we did not fill it with extra decorative elements, so that the emphasis was left on the dessert showcase.
Перед началом работы мы просим клиентов ответить на несколько вопросов о своем бизнесе, это поможет нам лучше подготовиться к первой встрече

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