Kas Agro Group
Branding and identity support for an Federal agrochemical company
Russian manufacturer of biological and chemical plant protection products, fertilizers and growth stimulants. The company has great ambitions and opportunities for scaling to the global market, therefore, the brand names are typed in the Latin alphabet. Work in B2B and B2C segments is focused on e-commerce, to emphasize this, bright neon green is used.
Letter «A»

The sign carefully and minimalistically reflects two directions - B2B and B2C. For the B2C segment - retail consumers, summer residents, gardeners and everyone who cares about indoor plants, the sign reflects almost the main symbol of the agricultural sector - a green leaf, in which the lowercase letter "a" is easily guessed.
Letter «S»

B2B c is characterized by scale. And what could be more ambitious than an endless field extending beyond the horizon? The sign for this scale is the metaphor in the letter "s". It graphically reflects the furrows in the fields left by the harvesting equipment.
A branded element can take an infinite number of forms: full fill, use double or single strokes, dotted lines, broken lines...
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